Термопаста EverCool Cruise Missile STC-03

Отличная термопаста для улучшения теплопроводности в высокомощных компьютерах и ноутбуках


• Cruise Missile(STC-03) with extremely low thermal resistance for superior thermal performance.
• Cruise Missile(STC-03) remain workable for easy spreading, screen printing and dispensing even after storage and   exposure to air.
• High reliability and stability under adverse conditions such as thermal cycling, high humidity and high-temperature aging.
• Application to CPU.VGA.Chipset and other pc components.



Contents :

Thermal compound x 1
Spreader :
Color :
Thermal conductivity :
2.89 W/mK -°C
Thermal Resistance :
0.032°C — cm2/W
Weight :
3 g